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Air Conditioning Repair Dallas-Fort Worth

Supposing your living space does not have an air conditioning unit, clustering around the parlor to enjoy the breeze of one large, powerful fan might feel normal. But if there is an HVAC system in place, there is no reason for you to suffer swelteringly hot, humid summer months.

It would help if you got all the relief you can get, and that is why AirCooLess is here to help you keep the ideal temperature in your home all year round. Whether it’s for summer or winter preparations or emergencies, we’ll repair your air conditioning, so they serve you much better.

Air Filter Replacement

If your AC suddenly goes into premature retirement, it could mean that something wrong with your air filters. Bad air filters make up one of the most common problems faced in residential and commercial HVAC. What we can do to make things better is change or clean the air filters. This way, your system can operate optimally.

Depending on the age, model, and load associated with your air conditioner, you may need to clean out or replace your filters once every few months. If your AC goes through a lot of stress during times of extreme air pollution like Spring, getting a routine check for these filters no less than once a month is necessary. Our experts will degunk your filters and restore them to 100 percent capacity.

Evaporator Coil Fix

One thing that can retire your AC when you need it is when there’s something wrong with the coil. This is a component inside your unit’s inner portion, generally looking like a triangle or an A. Anytime we change your filter, we’ll take a peek at your coil to ensure nothing rackety is happening within it. If there is too much rust or buildup, it won’t be long before the coil kicks the bucket.

But, not to worry. You have AirCooLess to help you make sure your evaporator coils are in good health. We have the right tools to clean all this box out and make adjustments inside it. This may sound like everyday work, but you might not have to worry about the evaporator coil in your air conditioner until the system has served nothing less than one year. So, whenever you need our services, whether sooner or later, we’d be willing to help.

General Inspection

Replacing the filter or repairing coil alone doesn’t cut it for our technicians when they come to do HVAC repair. They check everything else. They’ll also check your system controls to make sure everything turns off and comes back on at appropriate points. This is the way we keep your HVAC system will run as efficiently as possible.

We inspect the electrical components, lubricate the moving parts, check the condensate drain and necessarily adjust refrigerant levels, all and more of which gives your AC its original strength.

Call AirCooLess today to make that excellent air conditioning repair in Dallas-Forth Worth happen.

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